Saturday, July 1, 2017

Newsletter 7/1/17: Independence Day... from Corporate Radio

Greetings WIXY Fans,
We'd like to wish everyone a safe and happy Independence Day - please be safe out there and pump up the music at WIXY1260Online!  Every day we're hard at work ushering in a new era of radio, FOR THE BETTER, FOR THE MUSIC and FOR YOU!
A few quick reminders...
Upcoming Events (via our Happenings Page)
Summer of Love
We're celebrating the Summer of Love, WIXY Style!   All summer long (June 1 through Labor Day weekend), at our live events and on our website, we're asking you to pick your favorite song from 1967. Visit our Summer of Love section at the bottom of our Happenings Page for the song list, winners names and prize details... we've got OUR BIGGEST PRIZES EVER planned for this event!   Capping off the event, Tony Z and Ray King will be hosting a special show (date forthcoming) which recounts the top 67 songs of 1967 - with the top songs chosen by your votes!  Prize winners will be chosen from there and will have to be tuned into this special show to win.
Thanks for being a fan and for tuning in, share the love and crank up that volume!  The music is better on our cloud!
Keep on Truckin',
Gary Schmitz
Owner, General Manager and Chief Engineer
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