Monday, December 5, 2016

New Superman, Updated Live Show Times

The WIXY1260Online family continues to grow. Please welcome newest Superman Alex Matt!

An Ohio Media School graduate from Brecksville, Alexander Bedard, aka "Alex Matt", brings with him a strong, outgoing and funny personality which you would expect from a WIXY1260Online SuperMan. In addition to on-air experience, Alex also has experience in audio and video editing. Alex loves writing, playing video games, watching movies and eating chicken wings - which he is obsessed with. Alex promises to bring greatness to the station with his young potential, and we're confident you'll notice this as well!

Join Alex Sundays from 3-6 PM and Mondays from 11 AM to 3 PM

Shifting Show Times, Updated Happenings Page & Calendar Section.

If you closely follow our Happenings Page (which we encourage you to do), you'll notice some changes to consolidate and simplify our Live Show Times and Special Events.  All of our upcoming show times and special events are now combined in the Events Calendar Section of the page.  Further, the calendar view will be your quickest way to see which shows and events are scheduled for today and the days ahead - simply scroll through the calendar to scan ahead. 

Our calendar is updated in real time so our schedule is as up to date as possible (our DJs are all volunteers with careers and other commitments, whom, at times, have to cancel their daily show - we work hard to keep our audience apprised of this through the calendar.)

Current Live Shows Lineup a/o 12/5/16:
  • Mondays:  11-3 PM (Alex Matt); 3-7 PM (Dave Alan, as schedule permits); 7-11 PM (Gary Wenner);
  • Tuesdays: 11-3 PM (Moe); 3-7 PM (Sean B.); 7-11 PM (Marc Flanagan);
  • Wednesdays: 8-11 AM & 11-3 PM (B.A. Bartell); 3-7 PM (Gene Briscoe); 7-11 PM (Robb McSwagger);
  • Thursdays: 8-11 AM (Moe); 11-3 PM (Keith Anderson, as schedule permits); 4-7 PM (Lenny G.); 7-11 PM (Marc Flanagan);
  • Fridays: 3-7 PM (Ray Twardy); 7-11 PM (Tony Z);
  • Saturdays: 11-3 PM (Kafer); 8 PM-Midnight (Robb McSwagger);
  • Sundays: 8-11 AM (Mike Holyko); 11-3 PM (B.A. Bartell); 3-6 PM (Alex Matt); 6-9 PM (Gretchen Holly).
Visit our Happenings Page at:
Meet our Team on our About Page at:

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