Saturday, May 28, 2016

Sean B. - A New Superman Flies In with New Tuesday Show

WIXY1260Online is happy to announce its newest Superman, Sean B.

Sean B.’s love of music spans more than just his 3 years in radio .  He is a graduate of the Ohio Center for Broadcasting. During school he interned for WINT in Eastlake and became part of their permanent staff upon graduation.  Sean’s humor and creativity can be expressed in his own words, “I'm from Parma (unfortunately), covered in tattoos, and pretty stupid 95% of the time. I like dogs, tacos and alcohol. I dislike cats, meatloaf (the food, not the musician), and not having alcohol.”  Sean’s enthusiasm, willingness to be creative and thoughtful and easy-going attitude should prove entertaining to our listeners and help us usher in a new generation of WIXY lovers.

**Sean B. will be on the air beginning June 7, 2016  every Tuesday from 3-7 PM

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Six Packs, Triple Plays & Great Music (Spring/Summer 2016 Promotion)

Help WIXY1260Online celebrate the arrival of all of the fun that Spring and Summer bring while getting your chance at some great prizes along the way! 

**Promotion begins Friday, May 27, 2016 and ends Saturday, August 13, 2016**

Here are the ways to win great prizes:
1) LISTEN to our live shows ( - DJs will be choosing their own unique way to give away prizes, so listen carefully to their shows for your shot at the goods.  Go to our Happenings Page for Live Show Times.
2) FOLLOW our Official Facebook posts carefully (“WIXY1260Online”) - Some our our posts will contain instructions on how to win a prize (i.e. Like the post, comment, etc.,) - be sure to keep an eye on the post's follow-up comments to see if you're the winner.
3) JOIN our E-mail list (; some of our e-mails will contain instructions on how to win a prize - read them carefully for your chance to win!
4) Plan to show up at our EVENTS ( - Show up at one of our events wearing your WIXY gear, or have a piece of WIXY Memorabilia, or have something you bought from our Merchandise Page, or have our official WIXY1260Online App loaded on your smartphone for your chance to win a prize!

>>PRIZES include: gift cards, personal FM transmitters (to listen to us from your smartphone/computer on FM), Indians bobble-heads and other Indians collectibles, WIXY gear from our Merchandise Page and MORE!

Rules: Contests open only to legal U.S. residents, over the age of 18 where permitted by law. Entrants warrant they are legally eligible to participate and thereby grant us the right to use their name or likeness (but not private information, which is always kept confidential -we NEVER share your information, ever!) accordingly. Winners are chosen at random by Management, not in conjunction with any other source (such as social media, advertisers, etc.) unless otherwise indicated and will be announced on our website, via e-mail and on social media (at minimum). If you are WIXY1260Online employee or a friend or family member of WIXY1260Online employee, you are ineligible for prizes, but we'd still love your help spreading the word.  Also, if you have won anything from WIXY1260Online in the prior 60 days to your entry, you are not eligible to receive a prize, but we'd still love your help spreading the word. No purchase is necessary to participate and bribery is flattering, but will not increase your odds of winning. Cheating is frowned upon, flattering however, but cheaters will not prosper and will be ineligible for current and future prizes.WIXY1260Online assumes no risk or liability for your entry/participation in any contest. Further, we are not responsible for prizes lost, stolen or damaged, during the shipping process and have the right to revoke unclaimed prizes.
rev. 5/19/16 - full contest details added. 

Thursday, May 5, 2016

Newsletter 5/5/16 - The Most Happening Station Around!

Greetings WIXY1260Online Friends!
There are a LOT of great things happening at the station, so I write to update you on some of the goings on and to encourage you to visit our Happenings Page on the website, follow us on Facebook ("WIXY1260Online"), or subscribe to our Blog (>here) to keep up with all the great stuff we have lined up for you!
  1. Alan Freed - Celebration of the Life of the Father of Rock 'n Roll - THIS Saturday, May 7, 2016 starting at 1 PM. (>more info)
  2. All Fired Up - Food, Drinks, Music & Fun! - THIS Saturday, May 7, 2016 from 8 PM to Midnight. (>more info)
  3. History on Tap | Rock & Roll On the Record - Happy Hour Event - Western Reserve Historical Society - Thursday, May 12, 2016 from 5-8 PM. (>more info)
  4. Tommy's Place - Food, Drinks, Music & Fun! - Saturday, May 14, 2016 from 8 PM to Midnight. (>more info)
  5. Live at The Oriole Cafe - Food, Drinks, Music & Fun! - Saturday, May 21, 2016 from 8 PM to Midnight. (>more info)
  6. Even MORE events are planned as the Summer rolls on, so stay tuned, and be sure to JOIN US!
  • You've asked for more live shows, and we're giving them to you!
  • New Sunday Show from 11 AM to 3 PM with Marc Flanagan (begins Sunday, May 8, 2016)
  • New Thursday Show from 4-7 PM with Lenny G. (coming soon).
  • Visit our Happenings Page for Show Times - next upcoming shows are listed in the mini-calendar in the upper right corner of the page.
  • Current show times: Weekdays: 8-11A | Mondays: 11A-3P & 7-11P | Tuesdays: 7-11P | Wednesdays: 11A-3P, 3-7P & 7-11P |  Thursdays: 4-7P & 7-11P | Fridays: 3-7P & 7-11P | Saturdays: 8P to Midnight | Sundays: 11A-3P
  • Please welcome our newest WIXY1260Online SuperMan, Lenny G., a graduate of the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique!  Lenny G, one our Super Fans, is now an official member of the team.  Lenny will be going on the air Thursdays from 4-7 PM in the near future.   Please show Lenny some WIXY love and tune in!
  • Follow us on Facebook ("WIXY1260Online"), Join our E-Mail List (>here) (or in your case, stay on our e-mail list and tell your friends!), and keep Listening to our Live Shows - your chance to win some great prizes this Spring & Summer is coming real soon! 
  • Our next promotion is all about outdoor fun and taking WIXY1260Online with you wherever you go - sit back, tune in and enjoy a WIXY Six Pack, a WIXY Triple Play and of course the BEST variety of the 60's and 70's. (>more info)
  • Check out all of the great items on our Merchandise Page (>here) and show your WIXY love while supporting the station that brings you limited interruption radio, for free!  We've got some great new items, including:
  • A new License Plate Frame: coming soon. $9!
  • Can Coolers (to keep those Six Packs ice cold): only $1.25!
  • WIXY 1260: Pixies, Six-Packs and Supermen book: only $20!
  • Mouse Pad: only $1.50
  • Goodie Bag (value pack with great stuff): only $4.25!
  • Military Grade Duffle Bags: $40-$45
  • Ladies & Unisex Tees: $12.60
Thanks for being a fan of WIXY1260Online - we hope to see you out at our events soon, please visit and say "hi", we'd love to meet you.  We'd also love to see you in your WIXY gear around town!   Have a happy and safe Spring and Summer, and Keep on Truckin'!
Much WIXY Love,
TJ Chizmar
Asst. GM, Communications Director & Webmaster

Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A New SuperMan has Arrived - Lenny G

Please welcome WIXY1260Online's newest SuperMan, Lenny G!  Lenny G will be on the air every Thursday from 4-7 PM, starting May 26, 2016.

Being a native Clevelander who grew up during the WIXY 1260 AM years got Lenny interested in music and radio.  While in both Jr. & Sr. High School, he worked in the radio rooms running the boards and playing music during lunches.  Lenny graduated from the WIXY School of Broadcast Technique in 1974 and obtained his FCC license, but went on to other endeavors and has landed today working at the Cuyahoga Valley Career Center and living in Brunswick with his beautiful WIXY Pixie.

>>View all of our DJ profiles at

rev. 5/22/16 to add first show date

Two New Live Shows (5/4/16)

You’ve asked for more live shows, and we’re gonna give them to you!
--Starting Sunday, May 8th, Marc Flanagan will be live every Sunday from 11 am to 3pm!
--Coming Soon, new SuperMan Lenny G will be live every Thursday afternoon from 4-7 pm!

**All live show times are on our >Happenings Page**

Our current lineup includes:
Weekdays 8-11 AM: Bobby Meyer
Mondays 11 AM - 3 PM: Keith Anderson
Mondays 7-11 PM: Gary Wenner
Tuesdays 7-11 PM: Gene Briscoe
Wednesdays 11 AM - 3 PM: Keith Anderson
Wednesdays 3-7 PM: Gretchen Holly
Wednesdays 7-11 PM: Ray King
Thursdays 4-7 PM: Lenny G (coming soon)
Thursdays 7-11 PM: Marc Flanagan
Fridays 3-7 PM: Ray Twardy
Fridays 7-11 PM: Tony Z
Saturdays 8 PM-Midnight: Robb McSwagger
Sundays 11-3 PM: Marc Flanagan

Tuesday, May 3, 2016

Live at The Oriole Cafe (5/21/16)

Join the WIXY1260Online crew at the Oriole Cafe at 294 N. Rocky River Drive in Berea, Ohio for a fun night out, Saturday, May 21st from 8PM to Midnight.

We’ll be playing all the greatest hits of the WIXY Era, and enjoying some great food and drinks, so come out and party with us!

Alan Freed Celebration of Life

Join WIXY1260Online, Music Legends, VIPs, and many fans from the public to celebrate the life of the Father of Rock 'n Roll, Alan Freed on Saturday, May 7th, 2016 at the Lake View Cemetery beginning at 1 PM.

-The Celebration is Open to the Public at no charge;
-E Street Band's Stevie Van Zandt to give keynote address; Legendary rock songwriter of Stax Records David Porter to speak on Freed influence;
-The Drifters, Jimmy Clanton and Little Anthony to sing;
-DJ/Historian "Mr. Music" Norm N. Nite to M.C.

History On Tap: Western Reserve Historical Society

WIXY1260Online will be appearing at the History On Tap event at the Western Reserve Historical Society on Thursday, May 12th from 5-8 PM. (>more info/directions)

“Rock & Roll on the Record” will feature exciting partners from the local music scene, including: A record manufacturing demo from Gotta Groove Records; and A vinyl trunk show featuring wares from Blue Arrow Records, My Mind’s Eye Records, Record Revolution, and more!

Join the WRHS Thursdays from 5-8 PM and learn about our area’s wonderful history while meeting other people and enjoying some great brews!  For more info, visit: