Monday, August 26, 2019

Press Release: A New DJ with Style Joins the WIXY Super Team! (8/26/2019)

Please give a warm welcome to WIXY1260Online's newest SuperMan, Jordan Toler (aka DJ "Style").

A Valley View, Ohio, native, music has been Jordan’s life-long love. While many kids collected baseball cards and listened to radio Disney, he was busy studying music from the past 30 years. At 13 he started his band, Lithium, as its Singer Songwriter, and plays several other instruments. Jordan’s musical taste varies widely between Elvis Presley and Nirvana - this includes WIXY era artists and those emerging today. WIXY's youngest DJ, he fits right in when it comes to passion for the music – a passion the Station is hopeful spreads to his peers.

Jordan dubbed himself DJ “Style” after reciting Ric Flair promos about “Stylin n’ Profilin” (but many think it’s because of his hair…) A talented, ambitious young guy, Jordan enjoys writing music, watching wrestling, and nature - all while attending the Ohio Media School. His motto is, “Life’s too short to waste it not doing what you love.” – the Station couldn’t agree more!

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DJ "Style" can be heard Fridays from 11 AM- 3 PM


About WIXY1260Online

From 1965 to 1976, WIXY 1260 AM was an incredible force in the Cleveland, Ohio, radio market, and has never been forgotten. Now, two WIXY fans from Cleveland, with a great set of volunteers, have given the station new life...on the Internet. WIXY1260Online has been active since October 2011 and offers the same high-energy music and fast pace that made the original WIXY a legend in the annals of Top 40 Radio! The top hits and local favorites that were played on WIXY 1260 AM can be heard once again at All songs are in a high-quality format, many of which are available in stereo for the first time, and can be heard for free, 24/7/365.

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