Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Newsletter 4/10/2018: WIXY Alum to Host Special Show on 4/15/2018

Happy Almost Spring (again), WIXY Fans! 

Well, it turns out my early Spring time wishes were just that... early.  So, here's hoping Mother Nature gets over her mood here in Northeast Ohio and sends us sunnier weather.  While the last of the snow has been falling (hopefully), we've been working hard on the new studios and our transition to our new streaming provider and we thank you for your continued listening and support while we continue to work to make things the best they can be.  Keep your eyes on our Gallery Page - more pics to come!  While many new things are happening at the station, we have a blast from the past scheduled for Sunday, April 15... 

Yes, that's right! A WIXY Alum, Chip Hobart, who worked at WIXY 1260 from 1971-1972 will be hosting a live show in our new studios on Sunday, April 15, from 3-6 PM ET.  The news is so big, we've been featured in news stories like this one in Chicago, Illinois! Be sure to tune in for this historic show, we'll be sending out an autographed print to anyone who would like to have one - you just have to tune in for the details.  

As a reminder, we have transitioned to a new licensing partnership with  As part of that transition, we have updated our listening links on our website and many of the apps you may use to listen (such as TuneIn Radio, Reciva and others).  Additionally, we have learned that some Internet radio players and apps have not yet received a listing update to their databases.  We appreciate your continued patience as these updates roll out across the Internet and apologize for any inconvenience.  Internet Radio listeners should keep an eye out for our updated listing on Reciva which appears as "WIXY 1260 ONLINE" (note the spaces between each word).  Our new "WIXY1260Online" mobile app should be downloaded from your app store for continued use.  To do this, you'll need to uninstall your old app and look for the new one in the store (the logo for the new app is a black rectangle one.) It features a simpler, ad-free interface and is still free to use.

If you listen through your computers, you'll still tune in the same way you always have by visiting our Listen Page at  If the links don't work for you, you can simply reload the web page so that you are seeing the most current version of our website.  Reloading is very simple, just click the reload button near the address line of your web browser or type "CTRL+R" on your keyboard, and then click on a listening link again.  More help is on our Listen Page. 

We had an awesome time at this year's Summit Racing Equipment IX Piston Powered Auto Rama!  Thanks to everyone who stopped by, we enjoy meeting everyone!  If you weren't able to stop by, you can still check out all of our great merchandise, including our new coffee mugs in our online store
Along with Monday evening DJ, Gary Wenner, we thank you for helping support him and this year's Leukemia & Lymphoma Society Man & Woman of the Year Campaign.  Visit our Happenings Page to continue to support Gary in his mission - CLICK HERE. 

We are refueling the WIXY fleet and will be posting more exciting news as we gear up for a busy season ahead with great live shows and events all over the area, stay tuned! 

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We appreciate all the feedback we continue to receive, both constructive and overwhelmingly positive.  (Why not send us a note?  CLICK HERE)  From everyone at WIXY1260Online, thanks for being a loyal listener!

Pleasant Springtime Thoughts! 

TJ Chizmar
Assistant General Manager, Webmaster & Communications Director
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"ARCHIVED 4/8/19"

Tuesday, April 3, 2018

Press Release: Original WIXY 1260 AM SuperMan to Appear on WIXY1260Online

In 1971, Chip Hobart came to WIXY 1260 AM in Cleveland after a stint at Canadian powerhouse CKLW (where he was known as Chuck Hobart). Chip has enjoyed much success over the years and he returns to WIXY to guest DJ a very special Live Show! 

[from]: "Chip Hobart started hanging out at radio stations when he was about 7. His Dad, Bill Hobart, was an announcer for WSYB in Rutland. Chip watched and listened intently to all the radio people and what they were doing. 

He was fascinated with all the switches, buttons, knobs, dials, meters and shiny things that had lights. But, much more than that, his parents exposed him to all kinds of different music, like jazz, blues, big band, swing, folk, classical and good old rock and roll. (Chip is an avid collector with 5000 albums, 4000 45's and 1500 Cds.) With this love of music and the mystique of radio, it was a natural progression for Chip to segue into radio, following in his Dad's footsteps. Like insanity, it must be hereditary or something. Going into radio was an obsession for Chip, who wanted to play music for people, and, hopefully, entertain them with his foolish antics, and, the fact that he wasn't afraid to make a total ass of himself!..."

Join us Sunday, April 15th, from 3-6 PM for this very special show by visiting or listening on our free "WIXY1260Online" mobile app (available in the apple and google app stores)!


About WIXY1260Online

From 1965 to 1976, WIXY 1260 AM was an incredible force in the Cleveland, Ohio, radio market, and has never been forgotten. Now, two WIXY fans from Cleveland, with a great set of volunteers, have given the station new life...on the Internet. WIXY1260Online has been active since October, 2011, and offers the same high-energy music and fast pace that made the original WIXY a legend in the annals of Top 40 Radio! The top hits and local favorites that were played on WIXY 1260 AM can be heard once again at All songs are in a high quality format, many of which are available in stereo for the first time, and can be heard for free, 24/7/365.

Contact: TJ Chizmar, Assistant GM, Communications Director & Webmaster -

"ARCHIVED 4/8/19"