Sunday, November 29, 2015

50th Anniversary Kickoff & More, Letter from the Owner (11/29/15)

Dearest WIXY1260Online Friends,

On behalf of the entire WIXY1260Online Family, I'd like to invite you to join us as we celebrate the 50th Anniversary of iconic Cleveland radio legend station, WIXY 1260 AM. I have spent the past 4+ years developing a station that brings back the memories of the station many of us grew up listening to and falling in love with. While there have been some bumps along the way, and bound to be more, I am proud to report that we have experienced tremendous growth and success, thanks largely to you the listeners and to a team of professionals I am proud to call my friends here at the station. As a happy coincidence, it has been a great and unexpected pleasure that the station has grown to include over 22,000 listeners all over the world and nearly 6,000 fans on Facebook - certainly not what I expected when I started streaming the station on a rainy day instead of my originally planned camping trip! 

Another happy coincidence (or unhappy if you're noticing more gray hairs like me) is that December 12 of this year marks 50 years since our beloved WIXY 1260 AM was born. To honor the memory of our predecessors, we are proud to host our 50th Anniversary Celebration Kickoff party Saturday, Dec. 12, 2015, at Tommy's All Fired Up (1325 Linda Drive, Rocky River, Ohio) from 8 PM to Midnight - join us!

Over the coming days and months you will notice some changes on the air, including a new mix of jingles and a mix of special new recordings from some of the original WIXY jocks and other radio greats, and of course from our very own staff. I encourage you to tune in and listen as we continue to cultivate your memories, add to our growing collection of over 4,000 songs and have many exciting live shows and remote events - and TELL YOUR FRIENDS ;-)

In March we will be appearing at the IX Center and will be giving away some GREAT prizes, including an Internet Radio Player, Bluetooth Car Adapter, Tablet PCs, Computer Repair Services from BGE Mobile Tech, and much more! In order to get a chance at this, you'll need to complete our "Share Your Memories" form.
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Finally, right now, we have some great special prices in our online store at - including these great prices:

- T-Shirts are now $12.60 (a savings of $7.05!)
- All Internet Radio Players are now $10 off!
- Anniversary Mousepads are $6.00 (save $1.50)

But these prices end Monday, Nov. 30, 2015, so click those mouses over to our store today!

Much WIXY Love & Keep on Truckin',

Gary Schmitz
Owner, General Manager & Chief Engineer

ARCHIVED 4/8/2019 

Monday, November 2, 2015

50 + 5: WIXY 1260 and WIXY1260Online Celebrate Milestones (11/2/15)

This year, WIXY 1260 celebrates TWO anniversaries! On December 12th, the original WIXY1260-AM was born in 1965....50 years ago! And October celebrates 4 years that its successor, WIXY1260Online, was born! In October of 2011, Gary Schmitz and Ray Glasser began the online station on Live 365, moved it to Loudcaster, then ultimately went with CentovaCast where it currently is. Both Gary and Ray had no idea if it would even last 6 months, or if anyone would even care.....but here we are, 4 years later, with a team of about 15 people, a customized home studio, TWO remote studios, and world-wide acceptance and popularity!

Beginning in December, 2015, WIXY1260Online will be celebrating the colorful memories and rich history of WIXY 1260, which was launched in December 1965, with some special public events, special prizes, a special 50th Anniversary mouse-pad (now available on the WIXY1260Online Merchandise page), a special 50th anniversary countdown show and recordings from both original WIXY jocks and current WIXY1260Online members.

Keep your eyes and ears peeled as more details are forthcoming in the following days and weeks!

As WIXY1260Online begins Year #5, stay's only going to get better!

*For more information about the original WIXY 1260 AM, visit
*For more information about WIXY1260Online, visit

ARCHIVED 4/8/2019