Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Newsletter 11/29/17: OUR BIGGEST NEWS IN 6 YEARS!

Hello Friends of WIXY1260Online, 

As we recover from our Thanksgiving holidays, and our new waist sizes, we now prepare for the holiday season ahead.  At WIXY1260Online we want to give you a good variety of holiday music (557 songs to be exact), but we don't plan to overwhelm you with it either.   If you have a favorite song, holiday or not, you want to hear just send us a request during our live shows by calling the studio at 216-744-9499 or visit our Contact page at to fill out our Song Requests form. 

***We have some VERY BIG NEWS coming with regard to the future of the station.  I'm going to leave it at that for now, but suffice it to say it will be the biggest news we've shared with you since we first started broadcasting over six years ago.*** 

In the meantime, pay close attention on the air, on our social media and right here - we'll keep you posted every step of the way.

A few other of our usual newsletter tidbits:

Former SuperWoman Returning to WIXY1260Online
We hope you enjoyed hearing Lisa Jordan's voice back on the air on November 4th as much as we did.  The video can be found, along with all of our other videos, on our Gallery page at - Lisa hopes to be at the 'rock & roll controls' again soon, so stay tuned. "The Z" Returns to the Air / WIXZ1360Online ("The Z") has been back on the air for almost 2 months now.  Due to music licensing fees internet radio stations pay (because of a tilted music royalty fee structure in favor of the big boys and record labels) we've been forced to move The Z to  Live 365 allows us to stay on the air for a reduced fee in exchange for adding 4 minutes of commercials per hour to the air.  Despite this change, we hope to continue to push forward with The Z and continue to add new music all the time.  The Z plays the best variety of hits from the 80's, 90's and some eXtra (up to the 2010's) 24/7/365 with no listening fees and we'll continue our commitment to keep the interruptions as minimal as possible.   Tell anyone you know to tune in and check it out, and check it out for yourselves at today!

We'll be airing live shows from time to time on The Z with a planned 80's show by Ray Twardy on Friday, Dec. 22nd from 8 PM to Midnight.

Upcoming Events (via our Happenings Page)
Live Show Times
We've had some changes to our Live Show lineup with the addition of new DJs (Jeff Strich - Weekdays 8-11 AM) and Dave Glick (Mon. & Tues. 11-3 PM), as well as several other DJs switching their show times for personal needs.  Our most up to date show times are on our Happenings Page and we continue to have LIVE DJs on the air seven days a week.

Thanks for being a friend and a fan, we hope you had a fantastic Thanksgiving and wish you all an enjoyable holiday season ahead.  

Very Warm Regards,

TJ Chizmar
Assistant General Manager, Webmaster & Communications Director

ARCHIVED 4/8/2019

Friday, November 10, 2017

New Superman Arrives! Jeff Strich (11/10/17)

WIXY1260Online is proud to announce yet another addition to our team! Jeff Strich will be waking you up weekdays for the "Morning Strich" from 8-11 AM!

Ohio native Jeff Strich has been in broadcasting for over 20 years having worked at rock, classic rock and alternative stations in Cleveland and a jazz station in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Jeff graduated from the Ohio Media School with honors and also has play by play and color commentary experience in sports broadcasting for football, basketball and baseball. When he’s not chasing down a microphone, he is busy pursuing his number one radio goal of meeting Marc Flanagan in person.

Please give Jeff a warm welcome - his show begins Monday, November 13, 2017 - send us your song requests via and our studio phone at 216-744-9499! 

ARCHIVED 4/8/2019 

Saturday, November 4, 2017

A Special Saturday in November (11/4/17)

Hi WIXY Followers,
A few quick reminders for today - hope your weekend is going great!
New SuperMen Arriving
New Superman, Dave Glick, starts his Monday & Tuesday 11 am to 3 pm "Radio Showgram" next week! (More info here.)  We have some more DJs coming soon also, so stay tuned!
Lisa Jordan Returns to WIXY1260Online TODAY
Fan favorite, Lisa Jordan, is returning to WIXY1260Online TODAY (November 4th) from 8 PM to Midnight for a special LIVE show along side our first live DJ, Ray King!  Be sure to tune in tonight for a great show - we're excited to have Lisa back home where she belongs!  Also, Tim Kulik ("Shaggy") will kick off his "Shaggurday Night" show early from 4-8 PM (today only).
Streaming Link Issues
You may have noticed that our website streaming links have not been working intermittently.  Our licensing provider is working to resolve the issue, but in the meantime our website has been updated with some alternate listening links (you may need to re-load the Listen page to see the links under where our normal links usually are).   Here are the alternate links as well: and   - thanks for your patience and understanding.
Have a Super Radio afternoon and fantastic rest of your weekend!
TJ Chizmar
Assistant General Manager, Webmaster & Communications Director

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