Wednesday, December 28, 2016

WIXY1260Online Says Goodbye...

No, WIXY1260Online is not going anywhere, we just want to say goodbye to 2016 and goodbye to radio as you know it. At the end of every year, us humans habitually reflect, look forward and make plans. Here are some EASY resolutions you can make for a better 2017 and future:
1.) Ditch Terrestrial (AM/FM) Radio - why suffer through the same songs hour after hour and tons of commercials? You CAN do better, and you DESERVE better!
2.) Jettison Satellite Radio - granted satellite is better than terrestrial in music variety, but satellite COSTS YOU MONEY, and even there, the commercials are creeping in. Radio was meant to be free, resolve to tell the greedy corporations that your ears aren’t for sale!
3.) Dump iHeart - iHeart and others like it are a desperate attempt by terrestrial station owners to romance you into listening to their “free” internet stations. Free, but at what cost? Dozens of commercials and a music format (mp3, typically) that hogs your mobile data - does it make sense for you to PAY for their commercials and the music they decide should be on the air? The love is a lie, resolve to find a new lover that cares about you! (Us!)
4.) Invest a few minutes in yourself by learning how to listen to the wonderful universe of truly free Internet Radio - it is much more mobile and cost effective to you, and your ears will thank you! WIXY1260Online is committed to playing 55+ minutes per hour of the best variety of music (over 4,000 songs!) from the 60’s & 70’s (with some 50’s too.) We have a dedicated “WIXY1260Online” mobile app for your smartphones & tablets that is totally free and streams in the lowest data usage, yet highest quality consumption format (HE AAC+). There are no subscription fees, and our live DJs are here to entertain you and take your song requests. We are committed to giving you the local flavor of radio, the way it USED to be before greedy corporations became involved.
At WIXY1260Online, The Future of Radio is Now! We’re bringing back radio the way it was MEANT to be.... Fun, Free and Non-Pretentious. Join us and tell your friends - it will be the easiest, funnest and wisest resolution you will make - without the sweaty smell of the gym.
Happy New Years from WIXY1260Online!
Gary Schmitz
Owner, General Manager & Chief Engineer
TJ Chizmar
Assistant GM, Communications Director & Webmaster

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