Thursday, February 8, 2018

Press Release: WIXY1260Online Moves to Cleveland, Ohio

There's No Place Like Home

WIXY1260Online is proud to announce that, on February 3rd, it has moved its main studios to a larger, more modern facility that will serve our needs well into the future. The new home city of WIXY1260Online is Cleveland, Ohio - the same home city to our predecessors, WIXY 1260 AM. We're very proud of our new home and can't wait to share photos with you! Stay tuned to our Gallery Page at for the photos.

A Heartfelt Thanks

A heartfelt thanks to all of our wonderful staff - this 6+ year journey has been amazing and the move to our new, improved studios would not be possible without their incredible talent and dedication. Likewise, without our awesome fans, we wouldn't even be writing messages like this.

First and foremost, WIXY1260Online has always been, and always will be, about the music and making radio what it always should be - fun, free and non-pretentious. We are committed to not junking up our airwaves, social media and website with excessive advertising or irrelevant information.

We realize that some would like to hear us on an FM/AM band, but the reality of radio (and the costs associated with doing business) make terrestrial radio less feasible and realistic (as evidenced by the troubles unfolding for our large corporate counterparts). We strive to provide you with more listening options than just a box that picks up one signal and drowns you with advertising for that privilege. We are always happy to work with potential listeners at our live events, and through our Support Page, to get you the help you need to listen, wherever you go. At WIXY1260Online, The Future of Radio is Now!


About WIXY1260Online

From 1965 to 1976, WIXY 1260 AM was an incredible force in the Cleveland, Ohio, radio market, and has never been forgotten. Now, two WIXY fans from Cleveland, with a great set of volunteers, have given the station new life...on the Internet. WIXY1260Online has been active since October, 2011, and offers the same high-energy music and fast pace that made the original WIXY a legend in the annals of Top 40 Radio! The top hits and local favorites that were played on WIXY 1260 AM can be heard once again at All songs are in a high quality format, many of which are available in stereo for the first time, and can be heard for free, 24/7/365.


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